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Should Your Business Use GPS to Track Employees?

Thinking of Tracking Employees Using GPS?

Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Consult your attorney to find out what specific laws on the use of GPS apply in your state and how the state interprets the right of privacy. Also stay on top of changes in federal law relating to tracking.

  • Remember, it is generally safest to only install tracking equipment on company-owned property.

  • Before installing GPS, make sure that tracking employee movement is serving a legitimate business purpose, such as facilitating accurate billing of clients for employee time or ensuring employees stay safe.

  • Only collect information that affects job performance.

  • If employees are permitted to take company cars or phones home, consider using tracking devices that can be turned off or scheduled to turn off automatically at the end of the work day.

  • Create a formal policy for tracking, which is included in every employment contract. Also include in your policy an acknowledgement page, which employees are required to sign. The policy should state when the tracking devices must be left on.

  • Ensure that information gleaned from tracking is kept secure and confidential.

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