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What Our Clients Are Saying

Image by Scott Graham
Al D. Insurance 360

"On-Time Payroll has been an absolute great fit for our business. We switched over from one of the large payroll services, and have only wished we had moved sooner. The staff is one in a million, and goes over and above the call of duty… You won't believe the difference."


Susan Kupelian
Naz Kupelian Salon

"We switched to On-Time Payroll and haven’t looked back since. I get custom reports promptly and they don’t charge me a penny. Oh, and I haven’t received any of those incorrect tax payment notices I used to receive with the big guys. I would highly recommend On-Time Payroll to anyone that is looking for reliable and accurate payroll processing with a personal touch."


Ted Rozsa
Liberty Tax

"We switched from one of the national mega-payroll companies to On-Time Payroll. We found a vast improvement in service from the very start. And, as we progressed, we were fortunate that they were able to help us address problems that we sustained due to non-compliance with State Labor Department requirements by our previous provider. We are very grateful for On-Time Payroll and would never consider switching back."

G L Srikanth, CEO
Shanti Dental

"Our company has been using On-Time Payroll since 2010 and our investment has paid off many times over. In addition to responding to all of my questions about starting payroll for a new company, the staff has done everything possible to put my mind at ease. Thanks again to the team for your excellent service!"


Mike Banfield
Fresh Tilled Soil, LLC

"We have used the services of On-Time Payroll for quite a while and have found that the staff go the extra mile to ensure that the reports are concise and delivered promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business wishing to simplify their payroll responsibilities. On-Time is always On Time."

Marie Kemmler
Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony

"The staff at On-Time Payroll is always available, helpful, efficient, accurate, knowledgeable and pleasant. With a great deal of experience and knowledge with QuickBooks software, it is refreshing to have a no-hassle vendor I can feel confident in."

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