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Automate Your Hiring Process

        ...from paperwork to payroll


Tired of hunting for lost forms, spending money on mailing services and printing costs, securing employee information?


Our effortless onboarding solution uses a secure website that employees use to complete their new hire paperwork. They are directed through an online logic based Q&A interview designed to capture all the data you need when hiring an employee. This logic driven process ensures the employee completes all necessary forms and only prompts the employee to enter their information once. In addition to completing standard withholding and I9 information, they will also be able to view and acknowledge your company policies. Our unique eSigning process ensures all forms display the employee’s signature where required. Hiring managers and administrators can access an employee’s documents at any time through a 

secure website. Easy to use dashboards display each employee’s progress throughout the process. Quickly identify where follow up is needed and which new hires are ready to be submitted to your payroll system. Easily manage user access from managers to employees.

Are these your challenges?


Ensuring all the right forms are included and signed?


Reading illegible employee responses on their forms?


Ensuring company policies are received and acknowledged by the employee?


Tracking employee’s progress through the pro-cess - have they completed their paperwork - and signed their documents?


Receiving new hire forms from employees or off- site hiring managers so you can complete payroll?


Completing data entry for new hires?


  • Integrated e-Verification

  • Integrated WOTC screening and processing

  • Efficient ATS - Applicant Tracking System

  • Benefit Manager with eligibility tracking

  • Employment Application

  • Post hire forms - address changes, pay rate changes, time off. etc.

No matter what type of industry you are in we can help streamline your hiring process. From single location to multiple locations, single hiring manager to multiple hiring managers, staffing companies, retailers, to a small office we provide a straight forward solution that will improve the employee’s experience as well as your hiring staff’s.

And we make it easy on your employee too! We don’t ask the employee to enter their data more than once. Their on-line question and answer process is logic based so they don’t answer irrelevant questions. They only need to submit their

authorization once and we will place their e-signature on all of their forms.


All this and more...


Add features to integrate the whole hiring process into a single platform. Access and monitor it all from our easy to use, real time dashboards. Safe, secure and infinitely friendly. Automate your hiring process and allow yourself the time to focus on the really important aspects of your business.



Automate your hiring process and allow yourself the time to focus on the really important aspects of your business.


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