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HR Solutions

Treat Your People Right



Today there are 40,000 pages of legislation outlining complicated U.S. employment laws. Practically speaking, who even has the time to read and understand all that? We do.


Our online human resource support center keeps our clients in compliance, and makes certain your employee relationships are healthy and thriving. It includes:

  • Custom HR web page for your company

  • Employee safety and regulation posters for your workplace

  • Employee handbook template

  • HR forms including performance, hiring, and termination reports

  • Revised copy of current Federal employment laws written in plain English


We offer the best system for small companies to protect themselves against regulation-related lawsuits. With exceptional resources and a support team on call 24/7, you’re certain to be safe, compliant, and productive



To discuss how On-Time Payroll can fulfill your needs, call us today at 781.209.1188 or send us a message to get a free quote.


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