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Time & Attendance

Are outdated mechanical timekeeping machines slowing your business down? Then get your company up to speed with On-Time Payroll’s fully digital clock-in system. Our web-based service is affordable, easy to use and much more accurate than a manually operated system, and it can be fully customized to meet the requirements or restrictions of your workplace.

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Pick Your Punch-In



With On-Time Payroll managing your minutes, your employees will be able to clock in and out of work in a number of different ways, including:

  • Swiping an identification badge

  • Entering a personal identification number (PIN)

  • Scanning a fingerprint

  • Calling into a voice clock

  • Using a smart phone

  • Logging into a secure web portal

A Better Way



With On-Time Payroll’s timekeeping system, there’s no limit to the ways businesses can cut costs and increase productivity. Contractors can save thousands of dollars a year on gas by having their workers punch in and out on-site, while hotels and other businesses that operate 24/7 can prevent costly “buddy clocking” among employees by implementing a fingerprint scanner at their timekeeping terminals.

On top of that, business owners and managers can use our powerful web-based software to generate a number of detailed reports, such as:


  • Management Reports

  • Departmental Reports

  • Labor Cost Reports

  • Schedule Reports

  • Accrual and Banking Reports

Our integration is seamless click to learn more.

With so many powerful solutions ready to be employed, don’t you think it’s about time to upgrade the way your business manages its labor hours?



To discuss how On-Time Payroll can fulfill your needs, call us today at 781.209.1188 or send us a message to get a free quote.


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