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Workers' Comp

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Payments: Ease Your Cash Flow Burden!


There’s nothing more important to today’s small and mid-sized businesses than maintaining a healthy, efficient cash flow. But having to pay workers' compensation insurance premiums can throw a major wrench into your company’s gears. The traditional way of paying workers' comp – doling out a lump sum of cash based on an educated guess – can drain your vital cash reserves and leave you subject to last-minute adjustments.

Through our partnerships with insurance carriers, On-Time Payroll is able to offer our clients a better way to manage their workers' comp payments. By using the renowned Pay-As-You-Go payment program, On-Time Payroll will calculate your workers' comp insurance premiums exactly and then remit these premiums to the insurance provider automatically every pay period. Since premiums are calculated based on actual payroll data, clients have little or no liability in the event of a year-end audit. 


There’s no reason to keep struggling to pay your workers' compensation premiums by yourself. Let On-Time Payroll streamline your cash flow so you can spend more time streamlining your business.

To discuss how On-Time Payroll can fulfill your needs, call us today at 781.209.1188 or send us a message to get a free quote.


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