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Payroll & Tax

On-Time Payroll offers clients the personal attention of a local company with the high-tech processing power of a major agency. By collaboratively addressing the unique requirements of each individual client, our standard is to develop comprehensive, custom solutions that will drive their success.

On-Time Complete Payroll



Regardless of size, all On-Time Payroll clients enjoy all of these services:

  • Total Check Processing. Whether it’s signing, stamping, filing, stuffing, or depositing, consider it done. We can even print custom checks for you and sign them digitally.

  • Direct Deposit. Many clients consider direct deposit safer, more reliable, and more efficient than traditional methods. Employees receive sealed pay stubs and all transactions are documented. With no checks to clear, accounts can be reconciled immediately.

  • Paycard Deposit. Turnkey payment cards mean all your employees are eligible for direct deposit. Paycards function just like debit cards and offer fraud liability protection vastly superior to cash or checks.

  • Garnishment and Deductions. From child support payments to 401K contributions, we process automatic deductions accurately, and make certain they’re properly applied.

  • Custom Reports. We can generate any number of custom management reports desired by our clients.

On-Time Tax Pay


On-Time Payroll’s tax pay service keeps up with ever-changing payroll tax laws and regulations so that you don’t have to. We will calculate, withhold, file, deposit and reconcile your monthly, quarterly and annual payroll taxes for all 50 states – at no additional charge. You'll never need to worry about missing a tax due date, or lose sleep over late payments. Taking advantage of our full tax filing services guarantees your payroll taxes will always be accurate, on time and in compliance.


On-Time Online


No matter how many tasks you'd like us to handle, you’ll retain complete control of your payroll thanks to our On-Time online interface. This powerful web-based program gives each of our clients secure access to their payroll data 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection.


Using this portal, you’ll be able to not only enter payroll and view reports online but also print paychecks in house if you so choose. Leveraging this eco-friendly technology will result in substantial savings for your business by reducing processing and shipping costs.



To discuss how On-Time Payroll can fulfill your needs, call us today at 781.209.1188 or send us a message to get a free quote.


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