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Payroll & Tax

On-Time Payroll offers clients the personal attention of a local company with the high-tech processing power of a major agency. By collaboratively addressing the unique requirements of each individual client, our standard is to develop comprehensive, custom solutions that will drive their success.


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Time & Attendance


Are outdated mechanical timekeeping machines slowing your business down? Then get your company up to speed with On-Time Payroll’s fully digital clock-in system. Our web-based service is affordable, easy to use and can be fully customized to meet the requirements or restrictions of your workplace.


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HR Solutions


Today there are 40,000 pages of legislation outlining complicated U.S. employment laws. Practically speaking, who even has the time to read and understand all that? We do.

Our online human resource support center keeps our clients in compliance, and makes certain your employee relationships are thriving.


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Employee Benefits


401(k) retirement plans are a great way of providing additional benefits to your employees through retirement savings plans. Whether you are looking to better integrate your existing 401(k) administration with your payroll service provider, change 401(k) providers, or offer these plans for the first time - we can help!


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Workers' Compensation


On-Time Payroll is able to offer our clients a better way to manage their workers' comp payments. Using the renowned Pay-As-You-Go payment program, On-Time Payroll will calculate your workers' comp insurance premiums exactly and then remit these premiums to the insurance provider automatically every pay period.


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Background Checks


Did you know that as many as half of all job applicants pad their resumes with falsehoods? Did you also know that a third of all business failures are a result of employee theft? Small businesses need a way to make sure an applicant is trustworthy before hiring them, and with On-Time Payroll, they can.


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