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How should we handle this?

Question: A remote employee’s roommate has been disrupting their work to the point that their performance is suffering. How should we handle this?

Answer from Kim, SPHR, AAM, CPIW: This situation should be handled the same way you’d manage most work disruptions affecting an employee’s performance. Start by having a conversation with the employee about the disruption and explaining your concerns and performance expectations. Remind them that it’s their responsibility to maintain a working environment where they can be successful. Feel free to brainstorm solutions with them—like a different room for their workstation or creating a house rule that calls for quiet during work hours—but it’s ultimately on the employee to make whatever changes are necessary.

If things don’t improve, follow your standard process for managing performance. You can learn more about performance management on the platform.

This Q&A does not constitute legal advice and does not address state or local law.

Kim has held many Senior level HR positions including VP of HR and Administration for a California-based Workers’ Compensation TPA, Director of HR for a benefit and risk management company, and board positions with a professional insurance association. Kim spends her free time tracking down her grown sons.

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