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We are always looking for ways to provide our clients with the best experience possible and we created an exclusive service for you. With the latest updates regarding how to apply for loan forgiveness under the Paycheck Protection Program. The Small Business Administration (SBA) revised the full forgiveness application in addition to publishing a new EZ version for select borrowers. If you qualify for the EZ application, visit: 1. Instructions 2. Application For the revised PPP Loan application, visit: 1. Instructions 2. Application

We encourage you to become aware of the revisions to the PPP loan to help with the application process when you apply. If you have any questions about how to calculate the PPP Loan Forgiveness, we will be offering the following exclusive service for our clients. · Reports for PPP loan forgiveness calculation: $299 (Includes wage, tax, deduction reports and average FTE calculation) · Reports and fill out PPP loan forgiveness application: $499

Don't miss out on our exclusive offer and Pre-order our service today through July 6th for a 15% discount! If you choose On-Time Payroll to complete the PPP loan forgiveness application, we will provide you with an employer checklist for basic company and PPP Loan information. After we will schedule a call with you to review details of the process and actions required from the employer. Contact a payroll specialist today to sign up for our service!


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