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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act effective April 1st, 2018

Understanding the Act:

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act goes into effect April 1, 2018; at which time Massachusetts employers will be required to provide written notice to employees of their rights under this Act.

The Act amends Massachusetts' current law against discrimination in employment to forbid prejudice against employees due to pregnancy or conditions related to pregnancy. It outlines employers' obligations to employees that are pregnant or lactating, and requires employers to provide "reasonable accommodations" for them. The Act also describes the protections these individuals are entitled to receive.

This law is enforced by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and the full text of the law is available on the General Court website:

For more information and Frequently asked Questions please see the links below:

Common Questions and Answers can be found at: MCAD Q & A

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