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Expert Tips to Grow your Business

When starting a business, you may feel like the odds are stacked against you. Many small businesses don’t make it past their first year and even more don’t survive their first five. With statistics like these, it’s easy to feel hopeless. However, all successful business had to start small before they could grow.

Starting a business can be as simple as having a great idea and a basic plan but in order for the business to be a success it must eventually go beyond that great idea. While starting the business can be simple, growing it is a different story. Of all the businesses that are filed every year, the ones that survive have more than just great ideas and services. They have strategies and not all of them have the same strategy. Each has found its own magic formula for reaching new audiences and gaining new clients. So, how do you find a winning strategy? The process can feel like trial and error but a few tips from the successful entrepreneurs and business leaders that came before you can help you find a starting point or refine your already-in-process strategy. The following collection of tips, originally compiled by Zac Johnson at can help you begin or update you your growth strategy. Just remember there is no single secret success formula. You must continue searching and refining until you create your own custom growth plan that makes your business a success.

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