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How to Handle Negative Comments

Let’s face it; nobody likes a bad review of their business. Negative comments or reviews can be intimidating for most businesses. Fortunately, there are tricks to dealing with these (hopefully) uncommon occurrences in a professional manner.

First step: keep calm. Everybody gets a bad review at some point. The worst thing you can do is get heated and reply with a defensive or negative comment of your own. Not only does this action fail to fix the negative comment, it also makes your company look worse to followers.

You should also avoid deleting the comment. Though removing the review may be your first instinct, it will make your business appear untrustworthy. A dishonest relationship with customers is far worse for your business than one comment from a disgruntled customer.

Though you need time to decide on a plan for the comment, do not delay responding. The upset customer is often just looking to be heard. Waiting days for a response from your company will not make that customer feel heard.

Ultimately, you must decide how your company handles negative comments and reviews. As long as you remain professional and respond in a timely manner, you will make the correct decision. For more tips on handling these unfavorable comments check out the following info graphic from

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