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Emotional Intelligence and Your Career

Emotional Intelligence is becoming increasingly valuable in the workplace. Also referred to as EQ, emotional intelligence is the ability to sense and manage emotions in oneself and in others. Regardless of your career, you will interact with others in some capacity. Emotional intelligence can help you better relate to and work with other people. For this reason as well as others, EQ is seen as an essential quality for managers. In fact, the most successful managers are often the ones with the highest levels of emotional intelligence. Experience and knowledge, which are traditionally viewed as the strongest qualifiers of management potential, can only help managers to a degree. So, if you have your eyes set on a management position, you may want to evaluate your EQ and train yourself in areas where you are weak. Even if you do not see management in your future, you may want to evaluate and work to increase your EQ. After all, EQ is beneficial in all types of careers. For more information, check out the following graphic created by Brighton School of Business Management.

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